Setting a New Standard in Elder Care

 Garden City Home Care Services

When faced with the various choices of elder-caregiving, life-altering options such as assisted living and nursing facilities can be daunting and expensive. But, the answer may as be as simple as letting your loved one stay where they are—helping them age comfortably, and gracefully, at home.

Beyond the cost savings, home care offers your loved one the ability to remain in their own home. Many health professionals believe a safe, therapeutic environment can help prolong an elder’s health and do wonders for the well being of your entire family.

Allowing your loved one to remain in their own home is a seemingly minor decision that can mean so much.

 Ten benefits of keeping an aging loved one at home:

 1. Home care promotes recovery.
Being in a familiar environment enhances the healing of both their body and their mind. In fact, research shows home care expedites healing – demonstrating older adults heal more quickly at home versus a hospital or nursing home setting.

2. Home care is more affordable.
According to recent data provided by MetLife, the average annual cost of care in the state of New York for a private room in a nursing home is $134,320 and up to $84,000 a year for an assisted living facility, which is more than double the cost of a quality home care service.

3. Home care maintains your loved one’s dignity and independence.
Many seniors fear moving into a nursing home and losing their independence more than they fear death itself?  Home care gives our aging loved ones more choices and the opportunity to be more active participants in their own lives.  With home care, they are not subject to the rules and regulations of any facility.

4. Home care is personalized.
No one person, lifestyle, or situation is the same.  We recognize how essential specialized care is to maintaining health and happiness.  This is why our services are based on each individual’s preferences and needs.  

5. Home care keeps the family bond intact.
Families are an imperative source of support for seniors. Knowing your loved one is in a safe, therapeutic environment of his or her choice helps reduce feelings of guilt associated with caregiver’s burden.  Family members can visit as often as necessary without concerns about visiting hours or facility rules and regulations. 

6. Home care is safe.
When someone is cared for at home, the risk of infection is close to zero.  The one-on-one attention of home care means your loved one receives immediate care with no red tape, no forms, and no bureaucracy. We can also provide you with a home safety audit to help make the home environment safe.

7. Home care extends and improves quality of life.
Home care postpones institutionalization and prevents pre-mature decline.  Our services encourage independence and self-directed care, keeping aging parents in charge of their own lives for as longer as possible.

8. Home care and technology go hand-in-hand.
In today’s hyper-connected culture, home care makes more sense than ever before. We can provide you with daily updates via text or email giving you personalized and mind easing updates on how your loved one is doing.

9. Home care is oldest and most respected form of health care.
From the beginning of civilization, elders have aged-in-place within their own homes (cottages, castles, palaces, or huts).  Modern technology has only elevated home care’s limitless potential.

10. Home care gives you someone to talk to.
We understand the stress, frustration and worry you can experience when responsible for the healthcare decisions of an aging loved one.  We are a local, privately owned business here to help and guide you through the process of deciding which services suit you and your loved one best.  Contact our care coordinator to learn more about taking the first steps to providing premium quality in-home care for your loved one.