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Seniors are at Risk of Malnutrition

Nutrition in the news today tends to focus on weight loss and the counting calories. Research and tips abound about why we should stay slim and how we should do it. What we do not hear a lot about is the growing nutrition crisis amongst older Americans who are not eating enough food, or consuming adequate nutrients.

Malnutrition - a lack of adequate calories, protein or other nutrients needed for tissue maintenance and repair.”

A recent study estimated the rate of malnutrition among individuals age of 65 and older who were admitted to emergency rooms in the southeastern United States. Here are the results:

  • 16% were malnourished
  • 60% were either malnourished or at risk of malnutrition
  • 77% diagnosed as malnourished claimed it was their first diagnosis
  • 52% had symptoms of depression
  • 44% lived in assisted-living facilities
  • 38% had trouble eating
  • 33% had difficulty buying groceries

 With a risk of malnutrition found in more than half the patients in this study, those of us with older loved ones ned to start paying close attention to what and how they are eating.

 Below are five ways we can watch for malnutrition:
   1. Check their refrigerator and cabinets.

  • More fresh, whole foods
  • Less packaged and processed foods

   2. Monitor their eating.

  • Take inventory of food and how long it lasts
  • Eat with them

   3. If they can no longer cook assist them.

  • Wash and prep food
  • Share recipes which are easy to prepare 

  4. If they can no longer buy groceries find an alternative.

  • Shop for them
  • Find a local delivery service

  5. Observe their physical appearance, moods and energy levels.

 If you live far away or can simply not find time in your schedule, please give our care coordinator a call at 516-710-7995 and we will customize an in-home service which covers all these steps and more to assure the important older person in your life remains happy and healthy.